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The enhancement program
At La Bourse aux Livres, we believe that every book deserves a second life even if it cannot be sold. Therefore, we have developed partnerships with associations. We use associations for :
  • "Unsaleable" books that do not pass the quality control and are not put in stock;
  • "Unsold" books that do not find a buyer before the end of the sale mandate.

Identification of "unsold" books
Each expedition has a corresponding sales mandate. This sales mandate expires 365 days after the expedition is processed. We then reclassify the books as either "sold" or "unsold".

Frequently asked questions :

I don't want to revalue my "unsaleable" books, is it possible to object to the donation to a partner association?
No, you can't get your "unsaleable" books back once the expedition is dropped.

My books are "unsaleable", can I know why?
All the books evaluated as "unsaleable" are classified, on simple request, the reason of disqualification will be provided to you.

I do not wish to revalue my unsold books, is it possible to oppose the donation to a partner association?
Yes, we can return your books to you. Once the sale mandate has expired, you receive a notification and reminder e-mails. You have 2 weeks to come forward and request the recovery of your books. You cannot choose to have some books returned and others revalued. Shipping costs will be at our charge.