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The service
La Bourse aux Livres has chosen the deposit-sale model. We do not buy your books, we sell them for you. You receive your money as soon as your books are sold. You can follow the progress of your sales in real time. This model allows us to recover a greater number of books and to offer more attractive prices.
Putting books on sale with La Bourse aux Livres is completely free: the estimation, shipping and storing are at our expense.

Frequently asked questions: 

Can I withdraw my books from the sale before the end of the mandate?
No, the sale mandate lasts for 365 days, it starts when the processing of your shipment is completed. At the end of the mandate, you can decide to opt out of the revaluation program and not donate your books.

I want to buy books, do you offer this service?
Yes, you just need to access the online store. All our books are collected and processed in France. Shipping costs are free and orders are shipped within 24 hours!

I want to share my feedback, can I do it ? How can I do it?
Yes, it is possible. If you see that something is not working properly or if you need help to solve a specific problem, you can contact us directly. If you want to support our work, you can leave us a review on the App Store, Play Store or on Google.