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Evaluating the condition of my items
Your items must be in good (or very good) condition and complete (CD, cover, exercise books, maps) to be sold. The future owner must be able to enjoy them fully. Make sure that all your items respect our quality charter (downloadable below). If you want to sell audio books, make sure they work. 

Estimating the value of my items
We use the ISBN to identify and estimate books. It is a unique identifier for each book (often in the form of a barcode). It consists of 10 digits (ISBN10) or 13 digits (ISBN13). You will find it on the back cover (last outside page). Estimating the value of your items is fun, easy and fast! Here's how to proceed:
  1. Access our service via the app or via a web browser
  2. Check that your items respect our quality charter (downloadable below)
  3. Click on the Scan tab
  4. Scan the barcode or enter the ISBN number manually
  5. Click on Add to basket
  6. In order to limit our environmental footprint, we do not accept multiple small shipments. You can validate your cart as soon as its value exceeds 10€. 
We are not yet able to sell books without an ISBN, but you can turn to local associations to give them a second life. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do the prices displayed correspond to what I will get back?
The amount displayed is a non-contractual estimate. We will do our best to sell your books at the best price according to the market evolution. There may be some fluctuation up or down. Our system of deposit and sale offers one of the best revaluations of the market.

Can I add the same book to my shopping cart several times?
Yes, but the same reference can only be added twice.

My book is unsaleable or not recognized, can I put them on sale ?
No, your book may be unsellable because we have too many in stock, it is not in demand or its market value is too low. In this case, you cannot put it up for sale. If the book is recognized, you can try to enter the ISBN manually.

My book is signed on the first page, will it still pass quality control? 
If the inscription does not interfere with the reading, you can send it to us.