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From the relay location to our warehouse
Each update in the status of your expedition results in a notification (by e-mail and on your cell phone), from the drop-off of your shipment to the reception in our warehouse, through the transit of your parcels. Our systems update the status of your expedition as often as possible, but for real-time tracking, you can go directly to the tracking sites of the carriers Mondial Relay or Chronopost depending on the shipping method chosen and enter the number on your tracking.

From processing to stock
Shipments are processed according to the FIFO (first in, first out) rule. Once your turn has arrived, your books are checked by our experts to ensure that they are suitable for sale. In order for the new owner to fully benefit from the books, they must meet certain quality criteria in order to be offered for sale.
After verification, a quality control report is sent by e-mail with the list of the books put on sale or refused. We then put the books that can be sold in stock. The app is updated instantly and the books for sale appear in the Account - For Sale tab. 

From stock to sale
As soon as the books are put in stock, they are on sale on our online store as well as on the various marketplaces where we sell your books on. You are automatically notified by e-mail of each sale. You can also access your sales directly in the app by going to the Account - Sold tab. 

Frequently asked questions:
Some of my books did not go on sale because they did not pass quality control. Can you send them back to me? 
Our logistics do not allow us to send you back books qualified as unsaleable. These books go through a revalorization cycle, i.e. they are given to a partner association or recycled if they are really too damaged.

I notice an inconsistency between the list of books sent and those that have been put on sale, what can I do? 
Do not hesitate to contact us, we can update your list and correct any inconsistencies.

I notice that some of the books I sent you are not selling, can I get them back?
It is not possible to get your books back before the maximum time limit of the sale mandate (365 days).