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Preparing your expedition
For the expedition, it is necessary to choose a box of a size adapted to the books, resistant, of good quality and to use conforming cushioning such as cardboard, bubble wrap or newspaper. This will protect the books during transit. Pack your books following our guide:
  1. Check the contents of your expedition: this may seem obvious, but make sure that all validated books are included in your shipment.
  2. Choose the right box: the size of the box should be adapted to the products you are sending and the sum of the dimensions of the package should not exceed 150 cm. Transit can be hectic, so don't use a damaged box or bag as packaging. 
  3. Secure your books: secure them with newspaper or bubble wrap to ensure that they arrive at our warehouse without a hitch.
  4. Print your shipping notes: you will find it in the app under My Expeditions and you should tape it carefully to your package already sealed with tape.

Shipping method
You can drop off your packages at a Mondial Relay location. You can find below the list of locations: 

We will provide you with a Mondial Relay slip.

Sending your expedition
The shipping fees for the sale of your books are offered by La Bourse aux Livres: prepare your package and drop them off at a relay or in a French Fnac store, we take care of everything else! 
Once your expedition is validated, you have 7 days to drop off your books. If your shipment is not deposited within this period, it will be cancelled. If you are unable to send the package in time, please contact us so that we can find a solution together.

Frequently asked questions:
My packing slip has expired, can I request a new one?
Yes, just send us a message to extend its validity or generate a new one.

Can I split my expedition into several parcels?
Yes, just choose your number of parcels when you validate the expedition. It is possible to split a shipment into 4 parcels maximum.
Can I add or delete books after validating my expedition?
No, an expedition created cannot be modified. Contact us so that we can cancel the erroneous shipment in progress. You can then create a new shipment with the final list of books you want to sell.